Implementation Deadlines


  • March 30, 2024 – September and December 2023 Course Adaption and Design Institute (CADI) participants’ CIM submissions are due.
  • April 30, 2024 – Statement of Intent deadline for DPOA courses and Spring 2024 CADIs.

  • September 2024 – The last opportunity to enroll in a CADI before the March 1, 2025, catalog deadline.
  • Fall 2024  The recommended time frame for submitting program change proposals.

  • November 1, 2024 – Recommended submission date for Core Education course proposals and Core Education-related program change proposals.
  • March 1, 2025 – Approval deadline for both Core Education course proposals and Core Education-related program change proposals. All Core Education courses, regardless of Bacc Core standing, must be approved in CIM by March 1, 2025, to be included in the 2025-26 catalog. Similarly, updated program requirements necessary to reflect Core Education must be approved in CIM by March 1, 2025, to be included in the 2025-26 catalog. 
    • To ensure a smooth transition to Core Education this first year, the May 1st deadline referenced in the Catalog Policy  will not apply to any course or program proposals that are related to Core Education (Any course or program change proposal not related to Core Education still have until May 1st to be approved.) Curriculum Management and the Office of the Registrar will be working to nurture proposals through the process as quickly as possible. Contact Stephanie Baugh in Curriculum Management with course questions and Janice Nave-Abele with program questions.

Thank you for your continued dedication to Core Education implementation. Please contact McKenzie Huber, Director of Core Education, or your Core Education College Designee with questions.