Bacc Core Transfer Credit

Oregon State University aims to recognize and honor coursework completed at regionally accredited institutions.  The information below is relevant for prospective transfer students and current OSU students interested in completing coursework for Bacc Core at an institution outside of OSU. 

The links below should assist you in determining how your previous credits will intersect with OSU's Bacc Core. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to ask your advisor or a member of the OSU Transfer Admissions team for further assistance.

Transcripts are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.  If you have completed an associate’s degree, or relevant Oregon Transfer Compass program, the table below explains how your degree/program completes Bacc Core requirements. 

Please refer to the Baccalaureate Core Course Equivalency tables to understand which courses you can complete at Oregon and Hawaii community colleges to fulfill general education requirements at OSU. 

For credits completed outside of Oregon and Hawaii community colleges, please refer to the Single Course Search Tool.  The MyDegrees Transfer Equivalency Self- Service (Transfer tool guide) tool can support your understanding of how transfer credits may complete degree requirements.

* A course approved in the CTM may be placed to fulfill a major-specific requirement instead of a Bacc Core category.

Transfer Program

Categories fulfilled at OSU

Categories left to take at OSU

Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT), Associates of Science Oregon Transfer (ASOT-B; ASOT-CS), or Associate of Science from Linn-Benton Community College (AS) All lower-division categories CGI, STS, WIC
Core Transfer Map (CTM) WR I, MTH, LA, CD, WC, SPI, 2 of 3 BS/PS* WR II, SP, HHS/PAC, remaining BS/PS, DPD, CGI, STS, WIC
Major Transfer Map (MTM)

WR I, MTH, LA, CD, SPI, WC, 2 of 3 BS/PS*

Additional Bacc Core categories may be fulfilled based on courses selected for a specific MTM

Dependent upon each MTM
Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) WR I, WR II, SP, MTH, LA, SPI, WC, 1 of 3 BS/PS HHS/PAC, CD, 2 remaining BS/PS, DPD, CGI, STS, WIC
California’s Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), or Washington’s Direct Transfer Associate (DTA)  All lower-division categories CGI, STS, WIC
Any other degrees and transcripts All other courses will be evaluated on an individual basis  


Lower Division - Skills, Perspectives, Difference, Power, and Discrimination 
Upper Division - Synthesis, Writing Intensive Course

Skills: WR I - Writing I; WR II – Writing II; SP – Speech; HHS/PAC – Fitness; MTH – Math
Perspectives: CD – Cultural Diversity; LA – Literature and Arts; SPI – Social Processes and Institutions; WC – Western Culture; BS – Biological Science with lab; PS – Physical Science with lab
DPD: Difference, Power and Discrimination
Synthesis: CGI – Contemporary Global Issues; STS – Science, Technology and Society
WIC: Writing Intensive Course

Note: Many colleges allow courses to ‘double dip’ by completing both major and Baccalaureate Core requirements.  Please use the Transfer Guides to understand which major and Bacc Core courses can be completed at Oregon community colleges.  For more information on double dipping or transferring credits, please consult with your OSU academic advisor or your Transfer Services Manager