External Advisors

External Advisors

Oregon State University is committed to supporting shared transfer students and students transferring in credit. Core Education curriculum recognizes the value of aligning with statewide transfer credentials and degrees – which facilitates seamless transfer among Oregon public higher education institutions – and creates a distinctive and high-quality foundation for degree offerings.  

We recognize you as valuable partners in this endeavor and will work to ensure a smooth transition for students into our Core Education curriculum.  We intentionally embedded the Core Transfer Map (CTM) into the lower division elements of the Core Education found in the Foundational Core.  

Core Education Community College Roadshows

Over the next few months, OSU’s deputy university registrar, Kristin Benson, and associate director for transfer pathways and success, Erin Bird, will visit community colleges as part of our “Core Education Roadshow.” Our visits to your campuses are intended foremost to ensure a smooth transition to Core Education for our shared students. We also hope to support your processes and faculty as best we can. 

What can you expect during the visit:

Kristin and Erin will share many things related to Core Education – why OSU updated our general education, what categories are in Core Education, and how they differ from our current Bacc Core program. They will also discuss transfer articulations, facilitate a discussion around implementing the Core Transfer Map at your institution, and outline the remaining steps for OSU’s implementation process. 

Additional opportunities for information and collaboration:

Should you or any of your staff be interested, OSU will present sessions on Core Education at the following conferences in February, March, April, and May: 

We look forward to connecting with you and your staff and to developing plans for supporting our shared students. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Erin Bird or Kristin Benson if you have any questions or would like more detail.

Transferring Bacc Core Courses

Degree Partnership Program (DPP)

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If you're working with students completing a curriculum that aligns with the Bacc Core, make sure the student applies and is admitted to OSU and/or the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) spring 2025 or earlier to get locked into the Bacc Core catalog requirements. Students admitted to OSU and/or DPP starting in summer 2025 or later will be locked into the Core Education catalog requirements.

Additional Advisor Resources

Request Transfer Articulations

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Faculty and staff at external institutions: If you would like a new or existing course at your institution to be assessed for transferability, please email [email protected] and include a curriculum proposal (or draft proposal) and a sample syllabus that includes a week-by-week summary of lectures, readings, assignments, projects, exams, etc.
Prospective OSU students: Contact [email protected] to discuss your transfer coursework.
Current OSU students: Processes to reassess existing transfer coursework will be developed and provided at a later date.