Policies and Process


Implementation structure

Implementation Leadership


The Steering Committee shall provide expert input, establish goals and success metrics, align the implementation to university and general education goals and values, and serve as a champion for the new curriculum both internally and externally.​


  • Alix Gitelman, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Chair
  • Nicole Dolan, Executive Director, Budget Development and Strategic Planning​
  • Jon Boeckenstedt, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management ​
  • Eleanor Feingold, Dean, College of Science
  • Rebecca Mathern, AVP  & University Registrar ​
  • Brian Primack, Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences​
  • Larry Rodgers, Dean, College of Liberal Arts​
  • Yvette Spitz, Faculty Senate President

Retired committee members: 

  • Vrushali Bokil, Interim Dean, College of Science​
  • Katheryn MacTavish, Immediate Past Faculty Senate President ​


The Core Team shall provide expertise and leadership in their areas of responsibility, advocacy for the new curriculum, effective and transparent communication to stakeholders, and decision-making that will ensure the successful delivery of project implementation components.​


  • McKenzie Huber, Director of Core Education, Chair
  • *Patrick Ball, Cascades Core Education Coordinator, Biology​ Instructor
  • Kristin Benson - Deputy Registrar/Associate Registrar – Compliance​
  • Erin Bird, Associate Director of Transfer Pathways and Success
  • Mary Chuinard, Director of Undergraduate Student Services, CEOAS​
  • Kara Clevinger, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Kelsey Emard, Core Education Committee Co-Chair, CEOAS
  • *Dan Faltesek, Core Education Committee Co-Chair, College of Liberal Arts​
  • *Regan Gurung, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning​
  • Mike Jefferis, Associate Registrar of Catalog, Curriculum, and Schedule
  • Kerry Kincanon, Head Advisor, University Exploratory Studies​
  • *Rene Reitsma, Core Education Committee Co-Chair, College of Business​
  • *Andrew Valls, Faculty Senate President-Elect, College of Liberal Arts
  • *Steve Wuhs, AVP Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts​

*Teaching Faculty

Retired Committee Members: 

  • Yvette Spitz, Faculty Senate President-Elect