Transfer Credit Petition for Bacc Core


This petition form is used to request a transfer course to satisfy a Baccalaureate Core category.  Once submitted, the Office of the Registrar will review this petition and attached supporting documents and communicate the outcome within 10 business days.

Please note:  

  • Only one Baccalaureate Core category may be submitted per form. You will need to complete additional petitions if petitioning other Baccalaureate Core categories.
  • To request a transfer course to satisfy the Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC), please meet with your academic advisor to work through the WIC Transfer Course Checklist.
  • All other requests to review a transfer course must be submitted via the Transfer Course Petition for Direct Articulation or a college-specific form, if applicable. Please work with your Academic Advisor to determine the most appropriate form. 

You will also need to attach the following documents to this petition:         

  • Transfer course syllabus that includes a week-by-week summary of lectures, readings, assignments, projects, exams, etc.
  • Optional supplemental documents that support your petition request

Frequently Asked Questions

Only one Baccalaureate Core category may be submitted per form.  You will need to complete additional petitions if requesting additional courses to satisfy Baccalaureate Core categories.     

Your transfer course was initially evaluated by the Office of Admissions to determine if it was a direct equivalent to an OSU course. If OSU does not teach or offer the same exact content in a course as your transfer course, it will be articulated as an LDT (Lower Division Transfer 100-200 level) or UDT (Upper Division Transfer 300-400 level) in that specific subject area.

  • Example:  Transfer Course EC 201 = OSU Course ECON LDT

No. If you feel your transfer course is the direct articulation as a specific OSU course, please work submit the {Transfer Course Petition for Direct Articulation} or a college-specific form, if applicable.

  • Example: Transfer Course EC 201 = OSU Course ECON 201

No. This form is used solely to request a transfer course to satisfy a Bacc Core category.  If you are requesting a transfer course substitution to fulfill a major requirement, please speak with your Academic Advisor.      

Yes. This petition will not cover an articulation review for the Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC). 

You may work with your academic advisor to discuss your transfer course and review the WIC Transfer Course Checklist.       

The Course Articulation Team has access to most course descriptions. Please attach any and all documentation (e.g., course learning outcomes published by the institution, lab assignments, institutional curriculum documentation) beyond the course description regarding your course that you can obtain. 

Contact and Submission Information:

The Office of the Registrar, with the assistance of academic units and the Core Education Committee, determines the transferability of coursework completed at other institutions.  Initial evaluations are determined for articulation to OSU courses and completion of Baccalaureate Core category requirements.  This transfer course petition provides a secondary opportunity to evaluate the initial articulation for a transfer course.  

Petition Approval Process        

  1. The student will submit the completed "Transfer Course Petition for Baccalaureate Core," accompanied by any supplemental documents for review.  
  2. The Office of the Registrar will conduct an evaluation within 10 business days of receiving the petition.
  3. Final decisions will be communicated to the student through OSU email. 

Please direct any questions to [email protected]